• Profits and Violence in Illegal Markets (Working paper, R&R at the Journal of Conflict Resolution)
  • Prohibition vs. Peace (Working paper, joint with Juan Camilo Castillo, R&R at the American Political Science Review)
  • Legal Origins of State Violence (Working paper)
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Free Ride (Working paper, joint with Nick Eubank)
  • The Arbitrage Lobby: Theory and Evidence on the Political Economy of Dual Exchange Rates (Working paper, joint with Bobby Gulotty)
  • Measuring Lethal Violence in Venezuela
    (Draft chapter for edited volume, joint with Josbelk González-Mejías)
  • Heresthetic Threats to Democracy: Evidence from Venezuela (In progress, joint with Barry Plunkett and Pedro Rodríguez)
  • Opposition Media and Political Accountability: Evidence from Venezuela (In progress, joint with John Marshall)
  • Property Rights and Violent Crime: Evidence from Mexico
    (Working paper, joint with Francisco Garfias)